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Financial Professionals Serving Findlay, OH & Beyond

Coward, Pinski & Associates provides clients with the highest quality tax, accounting and payroll services in Findlay, OH. Since 2002, our firm has provided personal and business accounting services. Our goal is to help you improve your finances and create a more secure financial future. We are a team of like-minded, motivated financial professionals, dedicated to providing client-focused services.

We are proud to offer the following tax, accounting, and financial services:

 Tax Preparation & Planning

Tax planning services can help reduce liabilities in current and future tax years. We provide tax preparation and planning services for both individuals and businesses. Together, our staff we will help you determine which kind of return you need to file and make sure your return is in compliance with local, state, and federal tax laws. We want to ensure you receive the highest return possible.

 Personal Accounting

The tax professionals at CPA are proud to serve individuals in our community through personal tax services. We know how daunting filing your taxes can be. When you work with our firm, we will help you organize and manage your personal accounting records, and determine which deductions you and you family are eligible for. Our goal is to help you keep more of your hard-earned wages.

 Business Accounting

Having a skilled, motivated accounting team on your side is essential to owning, operating, and managing a business. Our firm works with businesses throughout the area to not only help them secure a stronger financial future, but protect their current assets as well. We offer a comprehensive suite of business accounting services including payroll management, bookkeeping, state and federal returns, financial statements and more.


Maintaining accurate, well-organized financial records is an important part of running a successful business. Bookkeeping is the recording of all financial transactions done by a business or individual. We provide well-rounded, thorough bookkeeping services to help keep your business running smoothly.


Payroll management is governed by many laws and regulations, which can make it a difficult process for business owners. Our firm is experienced in all areas of payroll preparation and management, and can help your business stay on track. In addition to payroll administration, we can help you determine how much to withhold to fulfill payroll tax requirements.

 Financial Statement Preparation

Financial statements play an important role in bookkeeping practices, and serve as a formal record of financial activities for a person, business or entity. Financial statements can be compiled on monthly, quarterly or annual basis. In addition, a financial statement can help your business make investment and operating decisions.

 Management Consulting

An essential part of owning a business is understanding your finances, but sometimes you need some extra help in securing future growth. Our management consulting services will help you identify which areas your business excels in, where it needs to improve, and how to prevent problems in the future. Our team will work with your business to develop an individualized plan and help you successfully navigate the state and federal tax systems.

For more information on our personal and business accounting services, please contact us today at 419-425-0163. We offer free estimates and look forward to working with you.