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Coward, Pinski & Associates provides the community of Findlay, OH, with a variety of financial services. When it comes to your finances, we want to make sure you’re never in the dark. Explore our frequently asked questions below!

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Are CPAs and accountants the same thing?

Accountants and CPAs both work to ensure the accuracy of financial statements, but there is a key difference. Accountant qualifications include having an accounting degree or significant experience in bookkeeping, while CPAs must also pass exams that show they’re qualified for their professional designation.

Should you and your spouse file taxes jointly or separately?

There are a few instances when it’s better to submit separate returns, like if one spouse earns more money than the other. However, most married couples opt to file jointly to save time and minimize paperwork.

Should my college-aged child file their own taxes?

This depends. If your child is a full-time college student, you are able to claim them as a dependent. However, they must be under the age of 24. If your child is working while attending school, you must provide more than half of their financial support to be eligible to claim them.

What are estimated taxes?

Estimated Tax is great because it allows people who don’t have wages directly taxed by employers or aren’t eligible for social security contributions through employer-sponsored plans figure out how much they should be contributing towards national debt.

What individual tax deadlines do I need to know?

Usually, the dax deadline is April 15th every year, unless it happens to be a holiday or weekend that year. The absolute deadline to get taxes in is April 18th, however you are able to file an extension for October 15th if necessary.

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